In Talk: The Big Change In Chiranjeevi!

Thu Apr 18 2019 15:00:04 GMT+0530 (IST)

There was a noticeable change in Chiranjeevi in the past few years and that's earning him much more respect. What is it all about?

Prior to PRP stint, Chiranjeevi had actively participated in many social service activities but they have always given a 'political motive' feeling. Post the closure of PRP & detachment with Congress, People could only see 'service motive' in whatever way Megastar came forward to help the needy.

Chiru extended financial help to Comedian Gundu Hanumantha Rao when he was hospitalised. He took the initiative to raise funds for MAA by participating in a US Event. And now, The Legendary Actor showed his big heart by voluntarily donating Rs 10 lakh to Raghava Lawrence Trust which is taking care of underprivileged people.

Public could see the genuinity in the service done by Chiranjeevi in the recent years as he neither have any political aspirations nor associated with any party. Selfless Service is the best thing an individual can do this society...that's the beauty of Chiru 2.0!