The Funny Side Of Minister KTR

Sat Apr 21 2018 22:05:14 GMT+0530 (IST)

Forget about the hungama going on in the media regarding various 'issues'.  India is a cricket loving nation and it is going to be the same in future as well.  Irrespective of the other issues, cricket lovers are thoroughly enjoying IPL matches. In fact, the matches are like a breather to the cricket lovers.  While the majority of them prefer to enjoy matches watching at home on their television, some of the die-hard fans want to grab a ticket to watch the matches live in the stadium.

A cricket enthusiast wanted to watch the Sun Risers Hyderabad Vs. Chennai Super Kings match tomorrow with 'free' IPL passes.  He has put up a request to Telangana minister KTR through the Twitter account that "Respected Sir, Can you give me three free IPL passes for the match in Hyderabad?".   The tickets of this match have been already sold out so KTR didn't take much time to respond to the tweet.  He replied, "Na Valla Kaadu Babu" with the emoticans of folded hands.

The response of KTR has revealed the funny side of him.  This is indeed an epic response from the Telangana Minister.  A netizen quipped "As usual ga @KTRoffice will look into it ani expect chesaremo."(As usual, they have expected the answer as -KTR office look into it).