They Shared Bed After Breakfast: Shami's Wife

Wed Mar 21 2018 17:21:14 GMT+0530 (IST)

Mohammed Shami's wife Hasin Jahan continued to make shocking allegations against her husband's personal and professional life. She accused Pakistani lady Alishba of having extra-marital affair with Shami.

Hasin Jahan alleged Shami and Alishba met in Dubai after India's tour of South Africa and shared bed. However, Mohammed Shami denied involvement in any extra-marital affair. Even Alishba condemned the allegations and told she just met Shami as a Fan. 'I just had breakfast with Shami in his hotel room,' she says.

Whereas, Hasin Jahan made it clear Alishba isn't Shami's Fan. 'Either she can be his Girlfriend or Prostitute. If a woman meets a man secretly without informing her family and does dirty things, what does that mean? She has come to destroy my married life. My Husband isn't innocent either. They had been planning to meet since January. It's not restricted to breakfast, it ended up in bed,' she told.

Hain Jahan appealed Lalbazar Police to arrest Shami and her family members. She said Shami should be beaten up on the road for destroying the lives of many girls.

BCCI had confirmed to Kolkata Police that Shami stayed in a Dubai hotel on Feb 17th and 18th on Team India's return to India from South Africa.