This Wedding Card Drew PM Modi's Attention

Tue Jan 22 2019 17:27:09 GMT+0530 (IST)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi heaped praised on the Gujarat Couple who preferred a Rafale-themed Wedding Card. What drew the attention of NaMo is the column saying the only gift they expect from the guests would be vote for BJP in the upcoming elections and a monetary contribution for the saffron cause on the BJP App.     

In the letter to the Surat-based couple (Yuvraj Pokharna & Sakshi Agarwal), PM Modi told their wedding invitation inspired him to work much harder for the country. 'Heartiest Congratulations to Pokharna family on the joyous occasion of the marriage of Yuvraj and Sakshi. The ingenuity of its content reflects your abiding concern and love for the nation. Best wishes and blessings to the couple for a happy and prosperous life,' read the letter with Modi's signature.    

The Wedding Card even featured some of the facts about the Rafale Deal targeting the Congress. Here is the first point, 'Even a fool will not compare prices of a simple fly-away aircraft with a weaponised jet'.      

Yuvraj & Sakshi will be marrying on January 22nd. All of a sudden they have become quite famous in the country.