The notices are issued for ....!

Sun Jul 16 2017 16:15:15 GMT+0530 (IST)

In our country, laws are bit unusual and surprising. We have a law that says prostitution but sees the prostitutes as victims. Same way, selling drugs is a punishable offence but drug abusers are looked at as addicts and victims. So, many are discussing why the notices are sent for the celebrities in our Telugu Cinema Industry!

Actually, if the celebrities who received the notices are drug abusers or addicts, they will only be receiving a counselling but not the notices. As they will be seen as victims. Media reports are accusing them of selling but not taking drugs. Actually, these people are not selling drugs to make money but they are suppling to their friends during the parties. As they are buying the drugs in large quantities and supplying to others and encouraging the drug usage, Excise department has sent the notices to these celebrities.

Excise Department is not revealing to whom they have sent the notices. And the people who are reported to have received notices are saying they have done nothing wrong and they do not know about drugs. Few have denied receiving any notices as well. Audience are also unable to understand what is right and who is wrong!