Triangular Fight In 2019 Polls: Pawan

Thu May 17 2018 22:38:44 GMT+0530 (IST)

Pawan Kalyan made it clear there will be triangular fight between TDP, YSR Congress and Jana Sena in 2019 Elections. It is already known that Jana Sena is planning to contest in all the 175 Assembly Seats.

Jana Sena Chief described his Bus Yatra as 'Praja Yatra' which will have Padayatras and Road Shows. 'We ourselves go to the villages to meet people. There is a lot Jana Sena need to learn. We aren't only identifying people's issues, but also focusing on how they can be resolved. Before kickstarting the district tours, We would organize 'Nirasana Kavathu' at district headquarters with 1 lakh youth in protest against State and Centre over backtracking on Special Category Status,' he informed.

Jana Sena Party Manifesto Committee will take part in the Bus Yatra. Pawan Kalyan questioned how could promise made in Parliament and Manifesto be neglected.

Pawan Kalyan promised to establish idols of 350-370 Martyrs of Jai Andhra Movement in every district if Jana Sena forms government.