Trump targets H-1B, Tech Firms seek more Visas!

Wed Apr 19 2017 16:08:10 GMT+0530 (IST)

US President Donald Trump signed an Executive Order which is a big boost to his stand of 'Buy American, Hire American' and targets Indian IT Professionals. A strong indication has been sent to the World by Trump Administration that 'America First' is being given top priority to create more job opportunities for Americans.

This Executive Order will address the loopholes in the H-1B Visa Program. It's a shift from the Lottery System implemented for issuing Visa to a new method allowing only Highly-Skilled Foreign Workers doing a high-pay job.

American Tech Companies are still hopeful of recruiting the best from across the World after Trump signed the executive order which revamp the H-1B Visa Program. Tech Advocacy Group opined Highly-Skilled Immigrants create new American Jobs and also increase salaries paid to Americans. It also recommended expanding the number of H-1B Visas while bringing new reforms in the best interest of Americans.

US Chamber of Commerce told shutting doors for highly-skilled foreign workers will affect American Economy. It's important to ensure there are enough highly-skilled Americans to fill the jobs.

Whereas, American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) maintained that Executive Order signed by Trump won't have any immediate impact on H-1B Visas. It, however, says the new development reflects the determination of US to limit H-1B Visas for addressing unemployment among Americans.