Trusting Pawan Proved Costly For Them!

Wed Nov 07 2018 16:51:49 GMT+0530 (IST)

Except CPM, All the political parties in Telangana have been doing enough hungama ahead of the Assembly Polls. While TRS is busy campaigning, Mahakutami is on the verge of finalizing seat sharing. BJP and MIM have been making their presence felt. Whereas, CPM is not able to make any impact so far.

Actually, CPM planned Bahujan Left Front but failed to attain the support of other parties. Both CPI & TJS preferred being part of Mahakutami rather than taking the risk.

Attempts made by CPM to make use of Pawan Kalyan's craze failed. Initially, Jana Sena Chief contemplated on fielding candidates in nearly 25 MLA Seats. He, however, called off the plan as per the advice of senior leaders.

CPM would have attained 2-3 seats had if it joined Mahakutami. Whereas, The Left paid a huge price by trusting Pawan Kalyan blindly. None of the 26 Parties in Bahujan Left Front may succeed in attaining even deposits. Such is the current situation of this front!