12 Monkeys died of Heart Attacks at once

Wed Sep 13 2017 13:08:42 GMT+0530 (IST)

A dozen Monkeys were found dead in a forest in the Kotwali Mohammadi area, Uttar Pradesh. Upon conducting post-mortem, Veterinary Doctors have confirmed that the creatures died due to heart attacks.

When the Locals brought to the notice of forest officials about the shocking deaths, An Autopsy was conducted out of suspicion that someone might have poisoned them. To everyone's surprise, The Mammals suffered cardiac arrests simultaneously.

Officials believe the roar of a Tiger could have led to their deaths. Even Villagers claimed they have heard the Tiger's roar when the monkeys collapsed one after the other.

However, Wildlife Experts doesn't approve the claim of mass heart attacks. Instead, They suspect some sort of infection could have caused the deaths.