You Can Give It Instead Of Aadhaar

Thu Jan 11 2018 11:44:09 GMT+0530 (IST)

It is known that Aadhaar number has been attached to all the services from bank accounts to the issue of mobile phone SIM cards.  All the government schemes are also made it mandatory to submit Aadhaar card number making it one of the most important proofs for Indians.   On the other hand, citizens are expressing their concerns that their privacy will be compromised as all the private information is attached to Aadhaar.  

Addressing the privacy concerns, Unique Identification Authority of India(UIDAI) introduced Virtual ID concept.  It is a 16-digit   number with biometrics of the user which would give limited details like Name, address, photograph to any authorized agency.  This way citizens may not be worried that their personal information attached to Aadhaar would be misused.  

The Virtual ID is not a permanent number and a person can withdraw it whenever he wishes to do it.   The citizens who have Aadhaar card an apply for Virtual ID through UIDAI website from March 1, 2018.   A person can get any number of Virtual IDs but once he takes new ID, his old ID will automatically become invalid.  

It is compulsory for all the agencies that they accept Virtual ID from their users.  An Aadhaar card holder can use Virtual ID whenever he has to submit his proofs for authentication.  The UIDAI is instructing all the agencies to use eKYC services to ensure that their users to provide Virtual ID instead of Aadhaar number.