UK Rejects Over 6000 Visas in 4 Months

Thu May 17 2018 17:38:51 GMT+0530 (IST)

By bringing more restrictions, US kept troubling the Indian IT Professionals since Donald Trump became the President. Even UK is heading in the same direction to safeguard the interests of its citizens.

As many as 6,080 visa applications moved by skilled overseas workers living outside European Union have been rejected over a period of four months. UK Government claims reaching the cap set for Tier 2 Visas as the reason behind the rejections.

Around 3,500 out of 6,080 rejected visas are in fields of Science, Engineering, Health and Technology Jobs. Since 2016 Brexit referendum, European Union Citizens seeking UK Visa has declined. This resulted in increase of Tier 2 Visa applications by skilled workers living outside EU.

As per the official records, Rejection of Tier 2 Visa applications kept increasing every month. While the refusals account to 1,093 in December 2017, This has gone up to 1,925 in March 2018. This situation isn't going to help Indians in any way.