Telugu NRIs Worried About Trump Proposal

Thu Apr 26 2018 19:39:40 GMT+0530 (IST)

Trump Government's latest decision on canceling the work permits to H-4 visas issued by the US government is drawing serious criticism from the American lawmakers.. IT sector.. corporates like Facebook.  H-4 visa allows the spouses of H-1B holders to work in the USA.   H-4 visa has been introduced during Barack Obama regime and the majority of the H-4 visa holders are Indians as per the reports.  The proposal of Trump administration to cancel work permits of H-4 visa holders is seriously protested by the Telugu people.

Trump's decision has been criticised by NRI's Parents Association.  They have alleged that this decision will have a serious impact on the several Telugu people living in the USA.  They have demanded the government to stop implementing the new proposal.   They are planning to take this issue to Telangana government and the other concerned officials.

An organisation named based in Silicon Valley has opined that this decision will have a serious impact on the American economy.  This organisation has been formed by top companies like Facebook, Google, Microsoft.  They are saying that if the government denies work permits to H-4 visa holders, it will become tougher for the H-1B visa holders to run their family alone.   They said it will decrease their spending capacity and it will in turn decrease their tax payment to the government.   

A 15-member US lawmakers group from California opined that the cancellation of work permits of H-4 visas will have a negative impact on the American people.