Rs 16000 Cr For Zero Budget Farming! Why CBN?

Tue Oct 09 2018 15:33:49 GMT+0530 (IST)

Undavalli Arun Kumar breathed fire on TDP Government for obtaining Rs 16,000 crore loan from BNP Paribas under SIFF for Zero Budget Farming. He wondered what is the need for such a huge funding for 'Zero Budget' Farming while displaying a research paper of Leo F Saldanha of the Environment Support Group titled as 'A Critical View of Climate-Resilient Natural Farming'.

The Former MP accused AP Government of increasing the financial burden on the state by obtaining huge loans unnecessarily. 'According to Chandrababu Naidu, Does Zero Budget means Rs 16,000 crore?,' he questioned in a sarcastic manner.

Regarding the Polavaram Project, Undavalli questioned, 'Why TDP Government has been constructing the Coffer Dam away from the Spillway? What about the gates? Why is it different from any other dams in the country?'.

Undavalli asked why AP Planning Board Vice Chairman C Kutumba Rao isn't responding to any of his allegations. He sought release of a White Paper over Zero Budget Farming and Polavaram Project.