Will Rajamouli Support Modi Again Slogan?

Fri Jun 22 2018 16:07:39 GMT+0530 (IST)

When the elections are around the corner, parties come up with different strategies to woo voters to vote for them. As general elections are just a year away from now, the ruling party at the center is devising strategies to turn the voters' opinion in favour of BJP. As the recent reports are suggesting that general mood is against Modi rule, the BJP leadership is planning to minimise the negativity.

As part of this strategy, Amit Shah is planning to approach celebrities to make them talk favourably about BJP rule.  He is asking them to support "Modi Again" slogan.  Amit Shah team has prepared a big list of celebrities to implement this strategy.  Bollywood celebrities.. former sports celebrities.. film personalities including south celebrities etc. are on the list.  

The programme has been commenced by Amit Shah by meeting cricket legend Kapil Dev first. Central minister Hansraj Ahir recently met SS Rajamouli and his father KV Vijayendra Prasad and felicitated them.  It is really interesting to see whether Rajamouli will pledge his support to Modi Again slogan or not.