Two Weeks That Will Decide Future Politics!

Mon Mar 12 2018 16:19:06 GMT+0530 (IST)

March 2018, will be a remarkable month for all 2019, general election enthusiasts in two Telugu states and even for common people.

BJP led NDA Government is trying to prove their strength in various states and Congress is trying to figure out their next strategy. Regional parties from Telugu states are also trying to rise up to the National level and key factors that will influence their decisions are going to happen in coming two weeks.

*Sunday, bi-polls in Uttar Pradesh are a testimony for BJP to show that they are running a popular government in UP. An indirect message to people that they are still the best choice.

*Congress ex-chief, Sonia Gandhi, sent out an invitation for all parties for a Dinner meet at her residence on Tuesday, 13th March. Who will be attending this meet and what will Congress strategize to weaken Modi wave and benefit from anti-incumbancy, is a major factor to look out.

*Rajya Sabha polls will be happening in the third week of March. Who will be nominated to Rajya Sabha and what will their role be? While this may not completely change the Indian politics, it will definitely have an effect on house functioning.

* From Andhra Pradesh point of view, the Special Status for newly formed state has once again become a major issue. So, Nara Chandrababu Naidu's decision to attend the Dinner meet of Sonia Gandhi became a key factor. Will he attend? If he attends, what will he decide? Will he fight individually this time or will he go with Congress to support them in MP seats? If he does attend the Dinner, how will BJP see all this? What will NDA draw from it? Many questions and only time can answer.

* Janasena leader, Pawan Kalyan has decided to organise a huge public meeting on 14th March in Guntur. The meet is very crucial for AP Assembly elections and also for all Janasena election candidature enthusiasts. Pawan Kalyan wants to show his strength and mobilization of people has also started. The buzz around this meeting is very high and how will Pawan Kalyan take it forward from here, will be depending on the meeting mostly.

*As far as Telangana state is concerned, TRS has no strong opposition but CM, KCR has announced his plans to make party National. He is looking to lead Third Front and doing all the ground work to make some key announcements too.

All these above mentioned meets, dinners and bi-polls can change the parties approach for big 2019 elections.

Many thought Modi wave will reside a bit but he will still be the popular choice but few issues and unpopular decisions like Demonetization and GST, made many think twice and some, Anti-Modi as well.

Hence, it is important for BJP, Congress and Third Front enthusiasts to set the ground from now on for elections next year.