75 Seats For T-Congress With Andhrites Support

Sat Aug 11 2018 12:36:15 GMT+0530 (IST)

Telangana Congress Chief Uttam Kumar Reddy maintained Andhrites haven't forgot the kind of language used by KCR during the Statehood Movement and they are waiting for the right time to make him pay the price. He is confident that majority of the Andhra Settlers would vote for Congress in the next elections.

Uttam Kumar Reddy: 'Based on the population of Andhrites in MLA and MP Constituencies, Congress Party will be allotting tickets in the next elections. Andhra Settlers will be given good prominence in the party and government'.

Interestingly, Uttam explained: 'Andhrites didn't favour TRS In GHMC Polls. Actually, Ruling Party Leaders threatened them to face dire consequences if they don't vote in their favour'.

Uttam Kumar Reddy claims Congress will bag not less than 75 seats whether if it contests alone or have a pre-poll alliance with any party. He believes Rahul Gandhi's 2-day tour in Telangana will give the much needed boost to the partymen. 'Except KCR Family, All the TRS Leaders have been in touch with Congress. None of the leaders were given due respect in the TRS. TRS Ministers, MPs and MLAs has conveyed it to Me personally. There will be a huge change after Rahul's tour,' he declared.