Deve Gowda Gets A Tit For Tat Reply From Vaju Bhai

Thu May 17 2018 13:41:07 GMT+0530 (IST)

Politics have become a Game of Thrones kind of drama in India today. We never know who will try to take revenge on whom at what stage and how will it all unfold.

Karnataka assembly elections have become the latest interesting episode with twists and turns. Right now, Governor of Karnataka, Vaju Bhai invited BJP to form the Government and Yedyurappa became 23rd CM of Karnataka.

He has to prove his strength in 15 days in Assembly. Claiming that BJP us manipulating and misusing power, JD(S) approached Supreme Court to intervene and SC asked Yedyurappa, to submit the Letter they sent to Governor, that they have minimum majority to form the government.

The judgement on this case, will be released tomorrow and everyone is waiting for it anxiously.

An interesting plot twist is that this is a tit-for-tat action against Deve Gowda by BJP and Vaju Bhai. Political observers claim it as such.

In 1996, when Deve Gowda is Prime Minister, he intervened into Gujarat politics and helped Shankar Singh Vagjhela to divide BJP and come up with RJD.

He formed government with the support of Congress. As Prime Minister, Deve Gowda recommended for President rule in Gujarat and Shankar Dayal Dharma, acted on it. This lead to Vaju Bhai lose his ministry position then.

Later, he became a great support to Narendra Modi and served as Finance Minister of Gujarat during his government.

Now, he got a chance to deny Deve Gowda who wanted his son, HD Kumaraswamy to be made as CM with the support of Congress. He did it without even thinking twice.

Yedyurappa, claimed that he has the support of 112 MLAs required to form the government and JD(S) is saying that BJP has left all its values to make it possible. Isn't it a Game of Thrones, episode?