Mallya seems to have no shame!

Mon Jun 19 2017 16:15:18 GMT+0530 (IST)

Vijay Mallya, once he was envied for his playboy and extravagant life style. He had all the beauties lining up with him as bikini models for his Kingfisher Calendar and stylishly advertised that he is "The King of Good times".

He still seems to be the King of his own destiny as he defaulted banks after taking 9000 crores loan from different banks. He always stated that he is not a criminal and he will pay all the debts with time. He said so but neither he paid any amount nor he helped for the investigation.

He ran off to London and stayed there till Investigative officers finally were able to trace him and present in front of court. He got bail within minutes and attended Indian Champions Trophy match. Looking at him crowd shouted, "Thief", "Cheat" slogans but he announced he will attend another Indian match just to make a point.

As he announced, he again attended the Sunday Mega Final between India and Pakisthan. Once the slogans of "Cheat" welcomed him, but the man showed no shame and said, "We need not take few drunkards words too seriously!" Heights of arrogance, what do you say?