In Talk: Golden Toilet In Mallya's Mansion!

Sat Aug 11 2018 11:08:58 GMT+0530 (IST)

Vijay Mallya have the habit of splurging money whether it on his luxury mansions, sports teams or rare artifacts such as Mahatma Gandhi Glasses & Tipu Sultan Sword. He didn't leave the luxurious lifestyle even after owing over Rs 9,000 crore to Indian banks & desperate attempts by  Indian Government for his extradition.

The London Home of Vijay Mallya have all the luxuries one can envision. Author James Crabtree claimed to have got an opportunity to see the Golden Toilet in his Mansion. When James Crabtree visited his house, Mallya wasn't in a happy mood as he can't fly to Monaco to watch Monaco Grand Prix but has to watch it on television like everyone else.

Upon having three shots of whiskey, Mallya excused himself to go to the toilet. That's when James Crabtree found something in Shimmering Gold & it's nothing but a golden toilet. The Author joked, 'Sadly, No golden toilet paper was found there'.