Vijayamma Reveals Why Jagan Floated YSRC!

Mon Jan 29 2018 12:50:17 GMT+0530 (IST)

In her recent interview, YS Vijayamma disclosed about the situation which prompted YS Jagan to float YSR Congress Party. 'YSR's death was a huge shock to us. He served Congress Party for 35 years. After his demise, Congress Leaders began hating YSR and Jagan. Neither Friends/Colleagues nor those who benefitted from YSR stood supportive of his Family. Jagan was harassed with false cases yet he moved ahead courageously. Never did Jagan have plans to quit Congress. It's the Congress Party which created such a situation. Jagan refused to accept Union Ministry. He asked nothing other than permission for Odarpu Yatra. Everyone used to be nice with us but wrong information was passed to High Command. Sonia was told Jagan launched Signature Campaign. May be, She could have taken it very seriously. Even Congress didn't imagine that YSR have such good reputation. Initially, They permitted Odarpu Yatra for one district. Overwhelming response from people for Jagan's tour didn't go down well with Congress. So, They ordered to stop the Yatra. Then, We wrote a letter to Sonia seeking appointment. We got a call after 5 months. Myself, Jagan, Sharmila and Bharathi went to meet Sonia. Congress Chief disapproved Odarpu Yatra and suggested us to console the families at one single location. She told us to place only a single statue of YSR. That's when Jagan decided to quit for keeping his promise,' she said.

YS Vijayamma spoke about how Congress High Command passed strict instructions to Ministers, MPs and MLAs to stay away from Odarpu Yatra. She informed, 'Jagan was even offered CM Post if remains in the party. At the same time, They tried to restrict Jagan to Kadapa alone. The conspiracy to bring a gap with his uncle YS Viveka didn't go down well with Jagan. That's when he decided to come out of Congress. I felt what he said to me on that day was right'.

YCP Honorary President clarified Jagan wasn't involved in the signature campaign which was launched after YSR death. 'Jagan didn't want to be CM then, that's why he supported K Rosaiah even though Leaders like Raghuveera Reddy advised him not to agree. YSR and Jagan are good people until they remained in Congress. We became enemies to Congress after floating YCP. We received notices of DA case within a week. Nothing is being done though Babu was caught red-handed in cash-for-vote case. But, Jagan was harassed just based on a case filed in the court. When I told Jagan he would face hardships fighting against Congress, Jagan told he would stand by justice and dharma. He doesn't speak lies at all and faced all the cases in a gutsy manner. He believes God will take care of everything and needn't fear anything if we did nothing wrong. I would only say one thing to people of AP. Jagan doesn't make false promises…I can assure you that as his Mother. Bless Him..give him an opportunity..He would do everything that's been promised. YSR is our Inspiration. He remained in people's heart for doing much more than what he promised,' She asserts.