Vishal Proposers Dheepan, Sumathi Kidnapped?

Thu Dec 07 2017 23:07:31 GMT+0530 (IST)

Tamil Nadu politics especially RK Nagar bypoll has become a hot topic in the entire South India now.  Ever since Vishal submitted his nomination papers, the drama has begun and it followed several twists and turns and his political opponents successfully stopped entering the poll fray.  Out of ten proposers who proposed the nomination of Vishal, two of them named Sumathi.. Dheepan backed out.  They have complained that their signatures were forged.  Considering their claims the Returning Officer has rejected the nomination of Vishal.  

As the rejection became controversial, Vishal staged a protest.  Then Vishal spoke with the relatives of Sumathi and he got to know what happened.  He has submitted the mobile audio to the Returning officer.  The summary of the audio is that Anna DMK candidate  Madhusudhan group members have threatened the Sumathi and her relatives and forced her to give a fake letter to the Returning officer.  Considering the evidence, they have accepted the nomination.   Vishal expressed his happiness over the development and went home.  But the final twist came at 11 pm on that day.  As Sumathi and Dheepan met the electoral officer and claimed that their signatures were forged then EC has rejected Vishal nomination.

Vishal has approached Tamil Nadu Chief Electoral Officer later seeking justice.   They have given time until 3 pm on Thursday.  Then Vishal tried to find the whereabouts to present them before the Electoral Officer by convincing them. Vishal even approached Chennai Police asking them to find the whereabouts of Sumathi and Dheepan.  While speaking with the media Vishal said that he has decided to present them before the Election Commission on Thursday.  He has requested the media to co-operate him.  But his attempt didn't work.

As he couldn't find the whereabouts of Sumathi and Deepan, he tweeted that "As time passes by, Dheepan and Sumathi, who proposed my nomination are not traceable. I'm very much worried about their safety & security.... Whether I Win or Lose, Democracy truly Lost !!"

In his latest tweet, Vishal wrote that  "Twist of Tale....Now, Returning Officer claims that we threatened him to accept my nomination the other day... What more is to Come ?!"