I won't Leave This Matter Easily - Vishal

Wed Dec 06 2017 17:10:03 GMT+0530 (IST)

Actor Vishal Krishna, took a deep plunge into politics by submitting a nomination to contest in the RK Nagar bi-election. Late Chief Minister, Amma J.Jayalalitha got elected from this constituency and already once, the bi-election had to postponed due to Sasikala fiasco and huge money distribution scam exposure by various political parties.

Vishal emerged from nowhere on to the scene while seniors like Kamal Haasan and Rajnikanth are still waiting for the right time. The actor said he is taking Abdul Kalam and Aravind Kejriwal as inspiration for his plunge into the politics. But his nomination got rejected on technicalities and the actor went on roads with his supporters to agitate against the Election Commmision's decision. Late in the night, EC accepted his nomination for reconsideration and as the actor left the premise, they announced it is invalid again.

Vishal got hurt by this action and he claimed this do to be the death of democracy. He said that he wrote a letter to Prime Minister, Narendra Modi about what happened in RK Nagar and how Government, AIADMK and Election Commmision have denied him his rights. He also accused that AIADMK 'goons' have threatened his supporters in RK Nagar to withdraw their support for his nomination. The actor said he will go to court and fight until he gets justice. He said, he will not leave anyone who is behind his nomination cancellation.