TDP Defeat in 2019 Unstoppable: MLA

Sun Apr 15 2018 17:14:53 GMT+0530 (IST)

BJP Floor Leader Vishnu Kumar Raju described AP CM Chandrababu Naidu as a copycat. 'Babu never thinks anything on his own, he just follows others. After PM conducted day-long fast, He is now planning for similar fast on April 20th. This deeksha is only for votes. In the case of Special Status, He followed YCP Chief Jaganmohan Reddy. He touched the steps in Parliament as part of the photo shoot,' he alleged.

Responding on the U-turns taken by AP CM, Vishnu Kumar Raju questioned: 'Is that his Mouth or a Tape Recorder in bad condition? He was the one who showered praises on the financial assistance offered by Centre until recently. Suddenly, He is speaking blatant lies in the Assembly. It's funny to see Babu claim that the party supported by TDP would form government at Centre next year. To play a key role in 2019, TDP has to win good number of seats. That party will face defeat in the next elections for sure'.

YS Jagan and Pawan Kalyan remained firm on Special Category Status right since the beginning. Whereas, Chandrababu Naidu accepted package and ended ties with BJP only after the revolt of Jana Sena Chief. TDP hasn't been getting the mileage it wanted despite protests in various forms.