Nara Lokesh - Can you give Me some clarity?

Wed Sep 13 2017 22:26:35 GMT+0530 (IST)

BJP Legislative Party Leader Vishnu Kumar Raju asked Nara Lokesh to give clarity whether if TDP wishes to contest 2019 General Elections with or without the support of the Saffron Party.

Speaking to media persons on Wednesday, Vishnu Kumar Raju said: 'TDP wishes to strengthen its base in all the 175 Assembly Constituencies. Even BJP have the same agenda and we are moving ahead in that direction. So, Nara Lokesh need to clarify whether if his party will be contesting in all the 175 segments in next general elections or continue to be BJP's alliance partner'.

To a question, The BJP Legislator opined TDP had indirectly admitted that there won't be delimitation of Assembly Constituencies before 2019 Polls by saying they are gonna contest in 175 Constituencies.

In 2014, BJP wasn't in a position to demand more seats from TDP. The situation in 2019 will be completely different as the Saffron Party wishes to contest in about 100 Constituencies.