Telangana Polls: War Within The Family!

Wed Nov 14 2018 10:58:56 GMT+0530 (IST)

Telangana Assembly Polls 2018 has been bringing a division among few political families due to the strategic moves of the parties. Some Leaders will have to compete and defeat their family members to enter Assembly.

Congress Leader DK Aruna is known to be the queen of Gadwal in Mahabubnagar District. This time, TRS fielded none other than her Nephew Bandla Krishnamohan Reddy as its candidate in Gadwal to offer a stiff competition. He had unsuccessfully contested against the Former Minister twice in the past but didn't give up the fight.

In Station Ghanpur, TRS offered the ticket to former Deputy CM Rajaiah again despite opposition on him within the party. Congress fielded his Brother-in-Law's Wife Indira as its candidate here. Indira is expected to give tough fight to Rajaiah.

Both Former MP Sarve Satyanarayana & his Son-in-Law Krishank had lobbied for Congress MLA Ticket from Cantonment. Congress Leader preferred Sarve Satyanarayana based on his seniority. Soon, Krishank declared he would contest as an Independent from the same constituency.