What's the New Feature in WhatsApp?

Wed Oct 18 2017 22:41:03 GMT+0530 (IST)

WhatsApp which have more than a billion users has introduced yet another feature which is gonna be very beneficial. That's nothing but 'Live Location Sharing'!

Live Location feature shares user's location in real time, even if WhatsApp is in the background. If you wish to share your Love Location in WhatsApp chat, Tap on the Attach Icon on Android or Plus Icon on the iPhone. Then, You need to choose the timing - 15 Minutes, 1 Hour (Default) & 8 Hours.

Users can manually stop the Live Location Sharing at any time during the chat. The option in the Account Privacy settings will give a clear picture of WhatsApp chats for which the live location is being shared.

Live Location updates will appear as thumbnails in the WhatsApp chats. It will have information about the initial location and 'live until' time. If tapped on 'View Live Location', You will be directed to the Map View where current location of all the users who are presently sharing their location can be seen. If needed, You could switch to the Satellite/Terrain View of the map.