When Nara Lokesh Turned Barber?

Thu Mar 21 2019 17:12:37 GMT+0530 (IST)

Politicians would do anything possible ahead the elections to win the trust of voters. Guess, What Nara Lokesh has done in Mangalagiri? He turned into a Barber and cut the hair of a customer in a saloon.

We have seen such kind of election tactics during the Telangana Assembly Polls 2018 as well. It's up to the people to decide whether they should vote based on the commitment shown by Candidates to serve them or falling for such political stunts.

Political Observers say, There is no need to criticise Nara Lokesh just because he decided to be a barber for few minutes to obtain votes. At the same time, A CM's Son needn't have to rely on such stunts meant for keep the photographers busy. It wouldn't have been a big deal had if some other MLA or MP Candidate did it. Better if Lokesh focusses on serious politics rather than indulging in such stuff. Why because, These kind of tactics won't fetch him respect from the public.

If he wishes to be the future CM of AP, Nara Lokesh will have to earn the Top Post with his calibre. Then, There will be no scope for criticism at all. Think about it Jr Babu..!