Why Are There So Many Boat Tragedies In AP?

Mon Jul 16 2018 20:35:27 GMT+0530 (IST)

Is Chandrababu Naidu facing a water curse? Is water wreaking its vengeance whenever Chandrababu Naidu comes to power? There definitely seems to be some kind of animosity between Chandrababu and water.

First time when he became the chief minister, the water and the rain gods were most unkind. They refused to rain. There were no rains for five full years. There was unprecedented and long spell of drought that forced many farmers to turn into farm hands and dailywage labourers. Many farmers had ended their lives. Chandrababu went to the extent of saying that agriculture was useless.

When he became the CM for a second term, the situation had further deteriorated. He began ignoring agriculture. The state reeled under the impact of drought. Then YSR came to power and suddenly the rain gods turned kind. They began pouring copious rains. The tanks and reservoirs were brimming with water and the farm lands turned green.

Now, Chandrababu is again the CM. This time around, there are rains but there is a water curse of another kind. During the Godavari pushkarams, there was a wholly unavoidable stampede that killed 30 people. Later, there was the unfortunate boat tragedy in Krishna river, where 15 people died. Another boat which was on a Papikondalu tour, capsized and 40 people died. All these boats did not have proper permissions and licenses. Neither the CM nor the tourism minister Akhila Priya responded to the tragedy.In the latest incident, a boat carrying school children capsized in Godavari river. In this tragedy, 10 children met a watery grave.

Chandrababu and water, it appears, don’t get along very well.