Will Alliance With JDU Sink Congress In Karnataka?

Thu Apr 18 2019 12:36:13 GMT+0530 (IST)

The Congress salvaged its prestige in Karnataka by winning the highest number of the seats in South India. The Congress was then in power in Karnataka. But, things have changed now. The Congress was roundly defeated in the Assembly elections in 2018. It was a poor second to the BJP, but it is another matter that it managed to cling to power by joining hands with the JDS. Technically, with both the parties together, they should easily win 17 of the 28 seats.

But, things are not working the way they want them to. As part of the seat sharing, some strong Congress seats have gone to the JDS. This has led to a heart burn among the Congress workers. Also, the alliance may have been firmed up at the top, but at the grassroots, rivalry still persists among the JDS and the Congress. Meanwhile, a large number of voters see this alliance as an opportunistic one and are rooting for the BJP. This may finally hit the Congress hopes in Karnataka, political watchers say .