Will Manmohan Singh Be The Next Congress President?

Mon Jun 17 2019 09:50:36 GMT+0530 (IST)

The Congress appears to have finally found its next president. With Rahul Gandhi not willing to take up responsibility of leading the party anymore, the party has been frantically looking to find a replacement for him. Well! The party does not need anyone who outshines Rahul Gandhi. It wants someone to simply fill in the gap till Rahul gets ready to don the mantle again. The new president has to be silent, unimpressive, but dignified.

Sources in the party say that former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh could be the next Congress president till someone from Gandhi family takes over. The party biggies are of the opinion that Manmohan Singh's silent and low-profile demeanor will add the party. It will give it some respectability as Manmohan Singh is known to weigh his words before speaking. His biggest qualification is that he does not have any group of his own. Thus, he will not become a challenger to the Gandhi family in future.

Manmohan Singh has recently retired from the Rajya Sabha after the expiry of his term. The Congress is not in a position to send him to Rajya Sabha once again as it does not have numbers in its favour. So, he could be made to head the party till Rahul Gandhi again gets ready to take up the responsibility.