Will Mega Family Stand By Pawan Kalyan?

Wed Oct 24 2018 09:32:22 GMT+0530 (IST)

Chiru launched and sold Praja Rajyam in a jiffy. As of now, politicially, Chiru is an Agnyaathavaasi. But, now his brother dear Pawan Kalyan has made a political foray with Jana Sena. Though he claims that he is all alone, the Mega family seems to be fully with him and is ready to come his rescue even if he does not ask them.

Chiru has quietly left the Congress by not renewing his membership of the party. There is no way he can go to any other party except Jana Sena. When the election bell rings, Chiru would be there in all likelihood to back his brother. As for Cherry, he has already indicated that he is adopting a village in Srikakulam district and announced through Twitter that he would follow the footsteps of his Babai. As for Nagababu, he has always been backing Pawan Kalyan and is giving special bytes whenever Pawan's political script demands. He and Pawan are united like never before because of Sri Reddy, who made some really nasty comments on the mega family. All these indicate that the Mega family is all set to campaign for Pawan and Cherry is foremost among them. If the whole of the Mega family enters the fray on behalf of Pawan Kalyan, then the fight would be formidable But, there are also some really valid fears that Jana Sena too could go the Praja Rajyam way. There is a strong section which has been saying that the Mega family must be kept away if Jana Sena has to make a mark in politics. After all, the people are increasingly getting wary of dynasty politis.