Never Spared Anyone Even If It's PM: Jagan

Tue Jul 17 2018 23:02:41 GMT+0530 (IST)

YS Jaganmohan Reddy asserted there is no truth in the allegations that he isn't questioning NDA Government which has done injustice to Andhra Pradesh. 'I would never spare anyone when it comes to matters related to the state. If you look at my speeches in the Assembly…Finance Minister Arun Jaitley issued a statement in September 2016 granting Special Package. Chandrababu Naidu welcomed it by holding a press meet at mid-night. I had convened a press conference next day morning. If you watch the interview, You will know how did I lambasted the Union Government on that day. I did say Babu placed cauliflower in his ears and trying to do the same for people of AP. When Naidu passed a resolution thanking Centre, I had come down heavily on BJP and spoke at length about Special Status. When I took a class for making him realize his blunder, Babu heckled Me saying I knew nothing. Allegations are just a creation of TDP. We moved No Confidence Motion against Modi Government. Our MPs resigned in protest against Centre 15 months before the end of term and thrown the papers on the faces of Delhi Leaders,' he explained.

To those who complain YCP MPs resignations became useless, Jagan shot back: 'Special Status issue is still alive because of YSR Congress and it's MPs resignations. The impact could have been huge had if TDP MPs did the same. Centre would have succumbed to the pressure in such situation'.

When quizzed if YCP MPs resigned at the wrong time, YCP Chief questioned: 'How can anybody say it's too late when resignations were submitted 15 months before elections? Resignations are a last weapon…so, we used it that way!'.

On the allegation that YCP-BJP Secret Pact influenced Speaker to delay acceptance of resignations so that no by-election would happen in AP, Opposition Leader termed it completely baseless: 'It's very wrong to say we didn't want by-polls even after resigning before 15 months. By-election can happen even now. Election Code says the gap shouldn't be less than six months. Had if we resigned much earlier, The same people complain we hadn't given sufficient time for Centre to take a decision. When TDP compromised for Special Packages, We are the only ones who spoke about Special Status in Parliament'.

Jagan opined Chandrababu Naidu has been enacting another drama to cheat the people of AP once again. He warned CM and Yellow Media not to assume people aren't observing their gimmicks.