Anna Canteens Vanish - YSR Canteens Arrive!

Sat Dec 16 2017 10:57:14 GMT+0530 (IST)

'Amma Canteens' launched by former CM Jayalalithaa in Tamil Nadu has been widely appreciated. Offering food for a subsidized price of just Rs 5 made it an instant hit.

TDP Government seriously considered the proposal of setting up 'Anna Canteens' in 2014. Unfortunately, No measures have been taken for its implementation till date.

On the other hand, YSR Congress Leaders have been able to do what the State Government failed to implement. Two YSR Canteens were established by YCP Coordinator Naveen Nischal in Hindupur. Good Quality Food is being served to the people by just charging a nominal price of Rs 9. Few more YCP Leaders are planning to start such canteens in rest of the state.

Governments of Odissa, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka have been implementing this scheme. Whereas, TDP Government wasn't able to do so for reasons best known to CM Chandrababu Naidu.