Do you have guts to release White Paper?: Roja

Wed Oct 11 2017 22:42:21 GMT+0530 (IST)

YSR Congress fire brand RK Roja described the padayatra of Jagan as a mission to save the people of Andhra Pradesh. 'Padayatra is the landmark of YSR Family. Jagan's Padayatra would begin on November 2nd. He would cover all the constituencies in six months to highlight people's issues and anti-people policies.

Roja stated 90 percent of the farmers in the state have gone bankrupt. She said unemployed youth have been committing suicides since TDP formed the Government.

The Nagari MLA opined YSR implemented Welfare Schemes like nobody else as he spoke to the people in every village during his padayatra. She added, 'TDP Ministers lost their mental balance after the success of Yuva Bheri. They have been passing objectionable comments against Jagan because of the overwhelming response for YCP Programmes from people. Does TDP have the guts to answer the questions raised by Students? Jagan fought for Special Status as it's like sanjeevani for AP. Babu had compromised on AP Interests to save himself from cash-for-vote case. TDP failed to make Centre fulfill any of the provisions of AP Reorganisation Act 2014. TDP Government failed to get drought relief fund from centre since three years. In the name of World-class Capital, This Government cheated Farmers by showing graphics. Does Chandrababu have the guts to issue White Paper pointing out the benefits received through Special Status?'.