Big Political Fight in Visakha on June 22nd

Mon Jun 19 2017 20:34:38 GMT+0530 (IST)

YSR Congress is determined to expose the role of TDP Leaders in Visakha Land Scam. Jagan formed a committee to collect details about the big fishes involved in the multi-crore land scam. Meanwhile, He announced Maha Dharna at Visakha on June 22nd to disclose all the facts.

On the other hand, TDP is planning Maha Sankalpa Deeksha in Visakha on June 22nd at the same venue chosen by Main Opposition. Ruling Party Leaders want to convey the message that YCP has been a threat to the development of the Port City.

Whereas, Congress chief Raghuveera Reddy demands AP Government to order for a CBI Probe with Sitting High Court Judge or Supreme Court Judge. 'What is the use of YCP's allegations & TDP's counter allegations?,' he asks.

People are vexed with these useless political strategies. Why don't Government order for a CBI Probe if it has nothing to hide?