You Might Conspire But Can't Ignore PK!

Fri Apr 20 2018 13:40:47 GMT+0530 (IST)

The blunder committed by Sri Reddy diverted the people's attention from Casting Couch issue completely. Scathing attack from Pawan Kalyan last night has pushed the Media Houses who kept promoting Sri Reddy all these days into defense. Not just Fans, Even General Public have been fuming at the manner in which Media and Parties have conspired to tarnish Pawan's image. They are now busy to divert the attention of the people from the Powerstar.

Mega Family might get pacified with the apologies but not Fans and it's near impossible to control their anguish. Siva Balaji lodged a complaint in Police Station against Sri Reddy. If the charges were proven, She will face a jail term of up to 5 years. Every big star will have's by playing with the emotions of PK Fans, Kathi Mahesh attained celebrity status. There will be fans for Heroes and followers for Politicians. Will the followers of Chandrababu or KCR tolerate if their leader was abused using filthy words? What's wrong if Pawan Fans react in a harsh manner when such a huge conspiracy took place and who is gonna control them?

Media Houses has been now desperate to divert the attention of public from the conspiracy against Pawan Kalyan. What would the Political Forces behind this exercise do now? They had dragged Pawan Kalyan unnecessarily into the issue...Can they make people ignore him?