Kuppam TDP Leaders Disobey Nara Lokesh

Sat Jun 23 2018 18:40:25 GMT+0530 (IST)

Group Wars in the Kuppam Assembly Constituency represented by CM Chandrababu Naidu came to the fore during Nara Lokesh's Two-Day Visit.

TDP Leaders from Kuppam, Gudupalli, Shantipuram and Ramakuppam attended the meeting. In the presence of the IT Minister, Party Leaders leveled corruption allegations against each other be it in the implementation of Housing Scheme or Issuance of Ration Cards.

Nara Lokesh told, 'People of Kuppam Constituency treat Chandrababu Naidu like a God. Unfortunately, Few Party Activists have been going against the party principles and discipline. This is unacceptable!'.

While Nara Lokesh was delivering his speech, Few Senior TDP Leaders walked out of the meeting to convey their anguish over the treatment meted out to them despite serving the party since three decades. There can't be a bigger embarrassment for CM's Son than what happened in Kuppam Today!