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TV Actress Honey Traps Elderly Man, Gets Arrested!

honey trap incident came to light where an old person was trapped with a well made plan

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   29 July 2023 7:11 AM GMT
TV Actress Honey Traps Elderly Man, Gets Arrested!

Honey trapping incidents are on the rise. The practice has a long history and it is often used to get sensitive information from people holding big positions in the forces. We often hear that officers in the Navy and Army are honey-trapped. However, the trend is changing and honey trapping is also used for extortion.

Now a honey trap incident came to light where an old person was trapped with a well-made plan. The victim already gave them a few lakhs. When they demanded more money he moved the local police. The woman who played a big role is said to be a small-screen actress. It is also said that she is a lawyer as well.

Going into details, this was reported from Kerala. A TV actor who is in her 40s stays in Pathanamthitta. She decided to trap an elderly man who is in his 70s along with her friend. The victim is a 74-year-old who stays in Thiruvananthapuram. It is said that the victim is widowed with no children.

The actress went into touch with the victim on the pretext of searching a house for rent. In the process, she met the elderly man and started calling him. So they both were in touch over the phone. With the friendship growing the phone calls between them increased gradually.

After getting assurance that the elderly man is not doubting her, the small-screen actress invited him to her house. It is said that the actress asked the man to take off his clothes and also stripped herself. All of a sudden her friend showed up at her house and took their pictures.

The elderly man faced a big shock seeing the actress's friend. But the big shock hit him when the actress and her friend demanded he pay the amount. He already paid Rs 11 lakhs. When they asked him to pay more, the elderly man moved the police.

It is said that the cops advised the man to call them to his house on the pretext of paying the money. When they came to his house, the cops arrested them red-handed. A case has been filed in this regard and the investigation is underway.