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Anasuya Completely In Tears! This Is Why?

Nothing can keep anchor and actress Anasuya away from the headlines. She often finds a way to make it to the headlines

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   19 Aug 2023 11:23 AM GMT
Anasuya Completely In Tears! This Is Why?

Nothing can keep anchor and actress Anasuya away from the headlines. She often finds a way to make it to the headlines. Known for her regular altercations with Vijay Deverakonda's fans, Anasuya Bharadwaj is also known for making strong statements and bold comments on many issues. But this time, she has shown an unseen vulnerable side of hers.

She posted a video of her crying uncontrollably. She wrote, "Hello there!! Hope all of you are in good health and good spirits.. I know all of you coming across this post of mine are in a very confused state of mind.. social media platforms.. initially.. at least to my knowledge.. were introduced to initiate connections.. across the globe.. to make it a better place.. be there for each other.. share informative contents.. experience each others' lifestyles and cultures.. spread happiness.. I wonder.. today.. if any of it is actually there.."

She continued by saying, "Anyway.. the purpose of this post is to put it to you that.. all the poses.. the photoshoots.. the candids.. the smiles.. laughs.. dances.. the strong counters.. the comebacks.. etc etc.. are a part of my life here.. so are you guys.. so I share all that with you.. and so are these phases of my life.. where I am not so strong.. I am vulnerable.. have breakdowns.. I want you to know.. its inevitable.. being human.. everything of it is true.. as a pubic figure.. I am forced to think to be this person with neutral feelings.. diplomacy.. don't care attitude.. “strong” .. but that version of strength isn't my version of strength .. my strength is this.. right here.. to be able to share my vulnerability and still put my foot down to things I believe should be put down to.. have a good cry and get up and face the world with a smile a day or two later.."

She concluded by stating, "#ItsOkaytoBeNotOkay but what's important is.. Rest.. Reboot.. but Don't quit. Also on the other hand.. I urge everyone.. to be kind .. irrespective of what you are thrown at by a certain person.. may be he/she is having a bad day.. imagine how sick they are at heart and mind that before saying or doing certain mean things to people they don't even know entirely or might never meet in person.. pray for them to be well enough to be human.. be considerable.. they will come around.. believe me.. I am learning it the hard way. PS: I am totally fine now. This one's from a memory I recorded to remember that phase.. 5 days ago."