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'Adipurush' Team Seriously Condemns False News!

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   7 Jun 2023 8:43 PM GMT
Adipurush Team Seriously Condemns False News!
After a disastrous teaser, the team of 'Adipurush' reworked on the movie for 5-6 months and came up with a better output. The trailers and songs generated a lot of positive buzz on this movie and the pre-release event held last night was a huge success as well. Every move taken by the team is working in their favour and people are excited to witness this epic tale of Ramayan on the big screens on 16th June.

Suddenly, there is false news spreading across the internet. A poster is getting circulated that people from certain sections of society should not be allowed to enter the theatres. They created the poster in such a manner that people may mistake it for an official announcement. It went viral instantly and the team noticed this quickly.

Reacting to this, 'Adipurush' team released a statement that it is all fake. They wrote, "Attention: The statements made in the #Adipurush Picture are false and misleading! Team Adipurush firmly stands for Equality, emphasizing no discrimination based on caste, color or creed. Help us combat this evil by reporting it wherever you encounter it!"

This strong reply is definitely necessary as there are people in society who are willing to go to such unimaginable lengths to spread negativity on a film that is made on our own mythology. It is high time that such people need to take a deeper look into themselves and try to erase the darkness inside their hearts.