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'Ahimsa' Movie Review

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   2 Jun 2023 7:27 PM GMT
Ahimsa Movie Review
'Ahimsa' Movie Review

Cast: Abhiram Daggubati, Geethika, Sada, Rajath Bedi, Kamal Kamaraju and others.

Music: RP Patnaik

Background Score: Anup Rubens

Cinematography: Sameer Reddy

Producer: Suresh Babu - Gemini Kiran

Story - Screenplay - Direction: Teja

Another star kid entered the Telugu film industry. Daggubati family's latest entrant is Abhiram. He is Rana's younger brother and he got launched through director Teja who is considered as an expert in handling debutants. The movie is titled 'Ahimsa' and it was postponed many times before finally getting released today. Let us dive into the review straightaway.


Raghu (Daggubati Abhiram) and Ahalya (Geethika) are relatives in a small village. The families plan to get them married right in their childhood. Raghu acts like he ignores Ahalya all the time but he has a lot of love towards Ahalya in the heart. Just when they were supposed to get married in two days, two youngsters from the city attack Ahalya. She is left in a disastrous state and she gets admitted in the hospital. Whilst trying to look after her on one side, Raghu tries to fight legally with the two youngsters who attacked Ahalya. But Dhanalakshmi Dushyanth Rao (Rajath Bedi) makes the proofs disappear as he is the father of the accused. Will Ahalya get justice? How did Raghu protect her? The answers to these questions will be found in the theatres nearby.


Two decades back movies like 'Chitram', 'Nuvvu Nenu' and 'Jayam' have mesmerized the youth and became a sensation. At that time, people went into theatres looking at 'Teja' on the posters. They did not mind who the hero and heroine were. Such was Teja's craze back then but after those three movies, Teja got stuck in that image. He made similar movies all the time which did not impress the public after a certain point. There came a time when people completely ignored Teja and his brand of love stories. Even after all such big setbacks over the years, Teja decided to make the same old love story in his trademark style. Right from the very beginning, 'Ahimsa' gave an outdated feel to the audience and it turned into a bore-fest very soon.

A poor girl gets raped by two youngsters who were sons of a rich man. The people on the girl's side seek legal justice. It looks like the accused will be brought to justice but the proves go missing due to the money. Enraged by this, the hero becomes violent and gets his revenge. There are hundreds of films which arrived with similar story in Indian cinema. While some movies have the same story, some movies used this thread as subplots. This storyline was used to no end by the writers and directors in the 90s but Teja still decided to make a two-hour and thirty-minute movie with this line. Making Daggubati's family's youngster Abhiram as the hero of this film and Suresh Babu agreeing to make this project as a launchpad for his son's career is very strange. We get a feeling that it is completely outdated by looking at the trailer but we hope that Teja weaves his magic someway. There is nothing interesting about this movie and this one scene explains how outdated the movie is.

The doctor says that the heroine needs to be taken to the city for better treatment. Hero suddenly runs off to a cliff and gets some leaves and puts the juice in her mouth, ears and nose by removing the oxygen mask. The heroine gets epilepsy and her heartbeat stops. The doctor confirms that he is dead and takes her to the mortuary. The hero gives mouth-to-mouth respiration to the heroine. She suddenly gets up and asked for it again and there is a romantic conversation between them. Teja might have thought that it is going to be very emotional but it brings a lot of laughs in theatres.

While the heroine is lying on the hospital bed, hero fights the villains in the court with the help of a lawyer. This is how half of the movie goes on in 'Ahimsa'. Villain family buying everyone with money, disappearing the proofs, killing the people who come in between and everything looks so old. When the courts don't provide justice, what does the hero do? He rebels. He picks up the gun and teaches the bad guys a lesson. Also, the hero and heroine escaping from the bad guys by going through a lot of hurdles is something that we saw in a lot of Teja's movies. Basically, Teja gave us the story of a non-violent guy who ends up becoming violent in order to bring justice to the villains. Glimpses of Teja's specialty was visible in some forest scenes but the graph of 'Ahimsa' went down a lot by then. One fails to understand how Teja convinced himself, the hero and Suresh Babu to make this movie with such an outdated concept and storytelling style.


When an actor from a star hero family makes his debut, the entire attention will be on him. But director Teja made sure that Abhiram is showcased as a regular character but not a hero. He did not design Abhiram's character in a way that it attracts the viewers. It appears like any other role. Abhiram's screen presence and body language need a lot of improvement. His acting is okay. While his looks suited the role of Raghu perfectly, we need to see how he appears when the stories are regular love stories or commercial entertainers. Heroine Geethika looks quite good and her acting is okay. Rajath Bedi suited for the villain's role but his look is a bit too artificial. The actor who did the lawyer Chatarjee role is amazing and Sada excelled in a key role. Devi Prasad and the rest of the actors are just okay.


After taking a very long gap from making music, RP Patnaik made a comeback with 'Ahimsa'. The composer's songs in the early 2000s give a fresh vibe even today but his music in this film is very outdated. Not one song from 'Ahimsa' attracts you and the same goes for the background score of Anup Rubens. Suresh Babu who became a lot strict when it comes to the budgets has not given a free hand for his second son's debut film. He made sure that the locations are low-cost and made the film with a relatively fresh cast. The effort the team has put in for shooting in the forest areas is quite visible. Writer-director Teja decided to show an outdated movie to impress the new-gen audience. Many thought that he changed after 'Nene Raju Nene Mantri' but it looks like he went another 2-3 decades back with 'Ahimsa'. His fine work and expertise are visible in the last thirty minutes but he has disappointed everyone quite heavily this time.

Verdict: 'Ahimsa' Turns Into A Major Himsa!

Rating: 2/5

Disclaimer : This Review is Just An Opinion of One Person. Please Do Not Judge The Movie Based On This Review And Watch Movie in Theater