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Avatar Failed To Score Big In 2D format!

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   18 Dec 2022 12:42 PM GMT
Avatar Failed To Score Big In 2D format!
India is a big market for Hollywood films and big films will be released here simultaneously. We have seen this during the release of Marvel films. Given the craze the Hollywood films, the makers make plans to not delay the release here.

The recent release Avatar The Way of Water also carried good buzz and expectations and the collections are an example of the craze the film has. The trade experts said that Avatar 2 collected over 40 crores on day one in India.

As the Magnum opus is a visual wonder and it needs special screens to know the details of the VFX, movie lovers watched the film in a 3D version more. The 3d is among the versions in which Avatar is released. In India, we have very few 3D and large screens and the majority of screens are normal screens.

Trade analysts say that the 3D version of the film got good collections while the 2D version is said to have collected fewer collections. Movie lovers preferring the 3D version to watch the visual wonder in the better way possible might be the reason behind this.

It is said that Avatar: Way Of Water collected over Rs 100 as of now and it is expected to get good collections as there is no competition from other films. Let us wait and see what Avatar 2 can do in the coming days. Avatar: The Way of Water is one of the much-awaited films. James Cameron who helmed the previous part directed the sequel too.