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BAFTA Ignores 'RRR'! Netizens Ask About This Hatred!

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   21 Jan 2023 2:56 PM GMT
BAFTA Ignores RRR! Netizens Ask About This Hatred!
It is well known that 'RRR' received a lot of love from the international audience. The action and the drama presented by Rajamouli won the hearts of many and it received accolades from noted writers and directors of Hollywood as well. It won the Critics Choice Awards for New York, LA and many awards. As we all know, it won the Best Original Song award at the Golden Globes this year as well.

We have seen legendary filmmakers like James Cameron and Steven Spielberg praising 'RRR'. But the movie did not even get nominated at the BAFTA awards which stunned many. While the American audience and filmmakers were showering praises on the movie, the British jury seems to have conveniently ignored this magnum opus.

We all know that 'RRR' is all about Indian independence from the British. It shows the fictional story of two freedom fighters who battled against the English rulers while they ruled India ruthlessly. We have seen the villain's blood spill on 'The Sun Never Sets on The British Empire' board and the crown symbol.

The movie definitely shows the British kingdom in a bad light which might have made them upset but it is what happened and it is our history that cannot be erased. Many netizens are questioning this unnecessary hatred for a brilliant Indian film that is bagging many international awards.