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When Bunny Vasu's judgement Gone Terribly Wrong?

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   9 Sep 2015 2:26 PM GMT
When Bunny Vasus judgement Gone Terribly Wrong?
During the success meet of 'Bhale Bhale Magadivoi', Producer Bunny Vasu revealed few unknown facts about his journey with Director Maruthi.

Bunny Vasu: "I could still remember, Maruthi narrated the story of 'Ee Rojullo' to me. I told him that the story is nice but need few corrections. I doubted if a feature film could be made within Rs 30 lakhs. The next day when I called him, He told me that he began shooting the film. When I asked who is the hero, He said - 'Hero wasn't finalised yet. I'm shooting the film with a guy in the office'. I then when to the location and shocked to see there was no minimum infrastructure required to shoot a film. Thereafter, I have never gone to the location again".

"Prior to the release, Maruthi showed me 'Ee Rojullo'. I scolded him after watching the output and advised him to sell it off for as much price as possible to at least save some of the investment. The next day, Maruthi called me to say 'A buyer has offered Rs 50,000 for the whole film'. I then asked him to accept the offer. Finally, 'Ee Roullo' was sold out for Rs 29 lakhs with a deficit of Rs 1 lakh. I went to Gokul theatre to watch FDFS, I have learnt so much from the response of the audience on that day. Usually, We get struck in a loop and can't judge few crucial things properly. Then, I realised the loss incurred to Maruthi because of my fault. I rectified this mistake with 'Bhale Bhale Magadivoi'".

"I watch every film of Maruthi prior to release. In case of Prema Katha Chitram, I was able to judge 25-30%. For 'Bhale Bhale Magadivoi', I judged 80% of it right. Thanks Maruthi, I have learnt so much in this journey".