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Chandrababu's downfall from 'visionary' to 'veteran'

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   24 May 2021 10:51 AM GMT
Chandrababus downfall from visionary to veteran
There is a hell lot of difference between a visionary leader and a veteran leader. A veteran is someone who remains in politics for a long time and plays his role effectively. A visionary is someone who charts out the party's course, gives it a speed and direction. He sets the discourse and builds a narrative.

Now the question is whether Chandrababu Naidu is a veteran leader or a visionary? The yellow media has projected him as a visionary all these days. He was praised as someone who developed Hyderabad city and has built the Telugu society into a strong one. He is also credited with visionary schemes like Janma Bhoomi, Neeru Meeru etc. There was a narrative building that said that AP's GDP has gone way too above the national average. He was portrayed as someone who brought in an IT revolution.

But, the fact is when he became the CM of the divided AP, he has changed and changed for the worse. He was consumed by the desire to make his son the CM. That's when he turned from a visionary to veteran leader. He stopped rational analysis to realise whether his son was a CM material or not. His first biggest error was to bring Lokesh through the Council route. He was given key ministries, but his performance was lacklustre.

Without realising that he was not CM material, he tried to make him a CM. As a result, senior leaders in the party were peeved and the cadre became unenthused. The result was 2019 disaster, when the TDP suffered its most humiliating defeat. Now, Chandrababu is unable to boost up the party's prospects. He now finds himself as a leader who only talks about the past and never about either present or future.