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Movie Review : Courier Boy Kalyan

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   17 Sep 2015 12:53 PM GMT
Movie Review : Courier Boy Kalyan
Movie Review: Courier Boy Kalyan

Rating: 2.75

Cast: rnNithin, Yami Gautham, Nassar, Ashutosh Rana, Harshavardhan, Surekha rnVani, Saptagiri, Satyam Rajesh, Ravi Prakash and Others

Songs: Karthik-Anup Rubens

Background Score: Sandeep Chowta

Satya Ponmar

Producer: Gautham Menon

Story/Screenplay/Direction: Prem Sai

Release Date:
17th September, 2015.

'Courierrn Boy Kalyan' has finally hit the screens three years after its official rnlaunch. This a film in the combination of Youth Heartthrob Nithin, rnSerial Actor-turned-Filmmaker Prem Sai & Sensible Technician & rnProducer Gautham Menon. What are its Box Office Prospects?


Kalyanrn (Nithin) discontinues his Degree and reaches Hyderabad in search of a rnjob. It was then he happened to meet Kavya (Yami Gautham), a sales girl,rn and it's like love at first sight for him. He joins as a Courier Boy inrn the company only to woo his Sweat Heart. Unexpectedly, He receives a rncourier which have details of a huge conspiracy and he gets chased by a rngroup to get hold of it at any cost. What's there in the courier? What rnthe conspiracy? Has Kalyan succeeded in delivering the courier to the rnright place?


Nithin scores brownie points rnplaying this Boy-next-Door Role. He acts well throughout the movie but rnenough care should have been taken in terms of styling.

Yami Gautham appears to be a complete misfit for the role of a Sales Girl. Even her character wasn't etched well.

Harshavardhan,rn Surekha Vani and Satyam Rajesh have made a mark. Ashutosh Rana, Nasser rnand Ravi Prakash did justice to their roles. Saptagiri fails yet again rnto evoke laughter.


Unique Plot

Pre Climax & Climax



Love Track


Singerrn Karthik composed three songs and Anup Rubens worked for one track in rn'Courier Boy Kalyan'. Although all the songs were nicely composed, They rndidn't fit in this thriller. Sandeep Chowta's Background Score is rnstrictly Okay. Satya Ponmar's Camera Work is splendid. Kona Venkat and rnHarshavardhan assisted Director for Dialogues. Director Prem Sai would rnhave been succeeded big time had if he focussed only on the central rnplot. Production Values are fine.


Usually, rnHollywood Films last only for anywhere around 90 Minutes as the completern focus would be only on the story. Where as, Most of the Indian Films rnwill have a run time of 2 hr 30 min with inclusion of commercial rnelements such as songs, fights and comedy tracks. But, Adding these rnregular commercial ingredients to a thriller flick like 'Courier Boy rnKalyan' doesn't make any sense.

Inspite of good Story and rninteresting Screenplay, 'Courier Boy Kalyan' fails to hit the bull's eyern due to the unnecessary love track and songs. It would have been a racy rnthriller had if Director focussed only on the subject instead of rnworrying about the commercial angle. Even the short run time of 1 hr 45 rnmin couldn't be the saving grace.

'Courier Boy Kalyan' is hugely rninspired from Hollywood flick 'Premium Rush'. The Stem-Cell Backdrop is rnquite interesting and gives a contemporary feel inspite of 3 years delayrn in the release. All said, Hero's Introduction & Love Track are rnpretty ordinary. To make matters worse, Songs act as speed breakers and rnunwanted comedy tracks play spoilsport. The last half-an-hour has been rnengaging and the Climax is pretty impressive.

'Unexciting' Delivery!