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Differences Between Crazy Pan-Indian Hero & Director!

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   3 Dec 2022 2:42 PM GMT
Differences Between Crazy Pan-Indian Hero & Director!
Currently, there are 2-3 crazy pan-Indian projects being made in South India right now. The latest reports suggest that one of these pan-Indian films is facing troubles due to the differences between hero and the director. Apparently, the filmmaker delivered an industry hit and is aiming to get another blockbuster with this movie.

On the other hand, the pan-Indian hero who is committed to couple of films is unable to allot a chunk of dates for this film. On top of not giving time for this film, the hero's laziness is reportedly testing the patience of the director as he wants to finish the film as early as possible and have a good time for post-production work.

The hero's behaviour is in complete contrast to what the director is thinking and it is creating a lot of disturbances as per sources. Already, the director is committed to another project with a big star hero. As discussed, he is planning to start that film by the second half of 2023. But with the constant delays in his current pan-Indian project is affecting the prospects of his upcoming film.

Also, the director is feeling a lot of pressure due to overshooting of budget. The producer and director are fearing that the profits they earned from their previous film will be wiped out completely due to this project. Though the director initially planned two parts for this story, gossips suggest that he is looking to wrap it up as a single movie as he couldn't spend more time with this hero. Though both the hero and director have a lot of craze across the nation at the moment, they are unable to get into the same wavelength. Let us wait and see if this affects the movie's output or not.