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#MeToo: Director Plugged A Condom Into My Mouth

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   13 July 2018 6:13 AM GMT
#MeToo: Director Plugged A Condom Into My Mouth
Infamous producer Harvey Weinstein episode has brought the ugly side of Hollywood. As the actresses in Hollywood started speaking about the ordeal they went through for the offers, #MeToo campaign started. The actresses continue to open up about their dark experiences with evil-minded filmmakers and casting directors.

Recently, 'Lord Of The Rings' fame Mira Sorvino revealed some sensational things. She said that she lost several projects because she refused sexual favours to Harvey Weinstein. Mira revealed that there are many such people in the industry She revealed a horrific experience she has undergone at the age of 16.

She said that "A director told me to I have to act as I had to be scared a lot as part of the scene. He tied me to a chair and my hand even bruised in the process. I was trying to show as much fear as I can and then, he plugged a condom(instead of a piece of cloth) in my mouth to gag me. He said 'sorry' later. How Insane is that?" Mira Sorvino added that let us hope such things don't happen with anyone in future and awareness should be created.