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Film Workers Calls Off Strike after Film Chamber Assurance!

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   23 Jun 2022 11:32 AM GMT
Film Workers Calls Off Strike after Film Chamber Assurance!
The indefinite strike called by the cine workers across the 24 crafts for better wages has been called off just a while ago. After getting an assurance from the Film Chamber that all their demands will be addressed and their salaries will be increased, the cine workers called off their protests.

The other day, the Producers Council told the workers that they are ready to increase their salaries and cut to one day later, and the protest was called off. Though the salaries will be increased there is no information on what percentage of wages should be increased.

Hiking the salaries is not a small thing and all the producers should come to one opinion on this and the producers might be called for a crucial meeting and the issue might be discussed. As people across the ages work in the industry, their seniority might also be considered and based on the seniority the hike might be fixed.

The federation members are expected to make a few recommendations on the hikes and then take the opinions of the producers. After coming to a common opinion they might fix the hike.

Cine workers demanding hikes is not a new issue, a few years back, they requested the council to look into the issue. Sadly, the Covid emerged and all the issues got sidelined as the industry went through a big crisis with the shooting coming to halt.

It is said that Telangana Cinematography Minister Talasani Srinivas Yadav is the unsung hero in the issue. To see that the issue does not get out of hand, he held talks with both parties and advised them to resolve the issue through talks.