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From Giving Reviews In Front Of IMAX To Being On Silver Screen!

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   19 May 2023 12:08 PM GMT
From Giving Reviews In Front Of IMAX To Being On Silver Screen!
Everyone has talent in the film industry but only a few have luck. They get opportunities that they utilize and make the best of. It is not possible for everyone but social media is making sure that it sheds light on talented people. It is making them popular and giving them a lot of exposure. We have seen a lot of instances where one viral video is changing the lives of people.

We have seen a lot of people giving reviews in front of the IMAX every Friday and some of them became so famous that they are becoming movie and TV personalities. One such person who got famous through IMAX theatre responses is Sumanth Prabhas. He has an interesting story behind him. He did a few short films and appeared in video songs after getting some popularity. They brought him a good name and he got associated with 'Chai Bisket' channel.

Now, he is arriving as a hero and he is handling the megaphone for this film too. The movie is titled 'Mem Famous' and it generated a lot of buzz among the youth. The celebrities are getting involved in the promotions which helped the movie a lot. As we all know, content is the key to the film's fate no matter how good the promotions are.

The recently released trailer shows that Sumanth Prabhas is not trying to exploit his popularity. It looks like there is good content in the movie and the trailer is quite entertaining throughout. It is amazing to listen to the story of a guy who used to tell reviews in front of a theatre who is now arriving as a hero. The movie is releasing on 26th May and let us see how 'Mem Famous' performs at the box office.